Thanks for your support and trust

Edin L.

January 3, 2021

I think this chair is great. It really helps those with back and neck issues while gaming. Previously I was sitting in a kitchen chair while playing Call of duty and would have pain after about 15 minutes of playing. Now that I'm in this chair I don't have anymore shoulder, neck, or back pain at all. It offers great support in many different area's to help you sit and play in comfort.

Jody l.

January 15, 2021

Honestly for the price you can't get a better gaming chair. I wanted a dxracer, but the prices are insane. I'm extremely glad I found these chairs. They're comfortable, sit high which is important for ppl over 6ft tall. I have bought 3 of them for my family. Customer service is top notch!! Had an issue (not with the chair itself, I accidentally ordered the wrong one) and they responded super fast and fixed the issue right away. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great chair without the insane price tag.

Stanley R.

January 2,2020

My second gaming chair from GTRACING. Since I work at home, I have to sit in front computer to do video editing for hours. It didn't take long to set up. Really comfy and its has a small pillow support my back. All i just need is to pull the handle under the chair to take a nap while sleepy. Excellent Job!

Tiger J.

January 19,2020

Installed it in 30 min very easy, felt really high quality and very comfy. And simply i can sit on it 12 hours. The recline is great - literally all the way back laying flat if you want. Rolls smooth & quietly without damaging my hardwood floor. Nice chair!

Marisa R.

January 10,2020

Hours at the desk teaching online & since I bought this I do not have back aches. It's perfect & makes me a cool teacher.