GTRacing 5th Anniversary & Back to School GIVEAWAY!

Hi there!

Dear customers,

It’s been 5 years since our first meeting with y’all. In these years, we had great laughter and countless happy moments, therefore, we’re currently holding a GRAND GIVEAWAY to have fun with every GT family member! Now, please Follow us to see the details!

First, you’ll have to know the duration of our anniversary so that you don’t miss it:

Time: 7/27/2022~8/10~2022


Next is what you guys most concerned, the PRIZES!!

1st Prize: 1st (*1): Alienware Gaming Laptop /or Equivalent to $1500 USD

Advanced configuration of Alienware PC! Speed up your gaming! And if you already own it, don’t worry, you can also choose the equivalent cash of $1500 USD!!

2nd (*1): Sony PlayStation 5 Gaming Console/ or Equivalent to $750 USD

Every gamer desires a PS gaming console, here we provide the latest generation PS5 as the 2nd prize! Also, you can choose the equivalent cash!

3rd (*2): GTRacing x MCFC Co-branded Gaming Chair

Any Manchester City Football Club fans? Just get a chance to own a free GTRacing x MCFC co-branded gaming chair!! The symbolic light blue color with the logo of MCFC on the back, which is definitely MUST equipment for every Manchester fan!


All the winners will be picked at random, just follow the below two steps to participate:

1. Follow our official account on TikTok;

2.Tag@ 2 friends in the comment under our 5th-anniversary video

In addition to the three prizes, we also prepared other premium prizes for people who achieve our extra task!

EXTRA PRIZE: Meta Quest 2 (limited quantity)

How to win:

  1. Make a TikTok video/slideshow of any gaming-related content, could be your happy experiences/highlights/significant moments/funny times, etc. in any game match.
  2. MUST mention our account and add hashtag in your video description.

Any gaming-related contents are okay! Pretty easy to WIN!


When the number of followers reaches 100K, all prizes quantity will be doubled! Four additional winners will be drawn, Your odds of winning will be increased!


Winners will be picked with TIKPRIZE and announced in the LIVE ROOM of our official account on 8/10/2022 at 8:00 PM of EDT Time! So, please FOLLOW us and stay tuned!!

Other GTRacing 5th anniversary surprises:

We also prepared many GTRACING X PunishingGrayRaven co-branded gaming mouse/mousepads, which are only $9.9! (currently only in the US). Subscribe us and find more surprises!


All the required actions shall be kept till 8/10/2022

The final interpretation of this activity belongs to GTRacing.