In recent years due to the epidemic, the demands for household items have increased rapidly, and a comfortable chair seems to be a MUST for office/house workers, cause it can relax your body and mind whether when you are working or resting. In the market, we got so many chair types like office chairs, sofa chairs, foldable chairs, etc. Research shows, however, gaming chairs can meet our various needs and are suitable for multi scenarios.

Since our launch in 2011, GTRacing has been committed to product R&D for years. After continuous improvements based on customer requirements, GTRacing is now a celebrated gaming chair manufacturer in gaming equipment sector, and all we have done are just for one purpose: to provide 100% satisfied gaming chairs for beginners and pro gamers at affordable price.

Today we’re gonna explain in detail one classic model of GTRacing: GT099, which is known as the basic model, also a bestseller among all our products. At first glance, you may find it similar to any other brands in the market, whereas detailed designs usually show sincerity. Let’s find out how we do it!

Before we start to illustrate the structure of the chair in detail, we’ll first need to know the general parameters of it. All the specs are clearly marked on their instruction brochure:
Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds. (A considerable number)
Dimensions: 20.86"(L) x 21.26"(W) x 51.97"(H)(suitable for most people)
90 ~ 170 degrees large angle backrest adjuster provides strong back support to suit all your needs.
Fully adjustable: Class 3 gas lift cylinder for height adjustment; multi-adjustable 3D armrests; adjustable tilt rock tension.

That’s some basic information about the chair, then let’s focus on its features:
After years of continuous upgrades, GTRacingdesigned an ergonomic backrest that perfectly fits the human body. The sturdy metal frame we use can give you enough support while sitting on it, you’ll hardly get tired or in pain even after hours of exciting matches. This is all due to its exquisite ergonomic design and sturdy metal framework.

It is worth mentioning that GTRacing chairs have both adjustable armrest and backrest, you can easily adjust these two parts to the position that’s the most suitable for you, you can even lie on the chair whenever you want to take a nap, which absolutely gets you relaxed! One thing to pay attention to is that we have 2D/3D/4D three different armrest options, that decide whether the armrests can be moved up or down, left or right, forward or backward, in other words horizontally and vertically.

GTRacing provides a variety of color options to meet all customer preferences. In addition to this, we also have many different model series with various practical functions, we may introduce them later. As for the quality of the chair, GTRacing uses a class 3 heavy duty KGS gas lift as the chair mainstay, which is the best in class for consistency, stability, and safety. Besides, all GTRacing products have obtained the SGS certification, definitely safe to be used in all scenes.

Some people may find it hard to control the backrest when adjusting the angle, cause the chairs were designed to be easily adjusted, so you may need to be careful with the power you use, that’s not a big issue, and we believe most people can get used to it after several times of using.

Below we listed our other series and models, now let’s take a look.

1. Footrest series: just as the name suggests, it literally means that products in this series come with a footrest board for a better sitting experience. You can almost completely lie on the chair to enjoy your break time. And the retractable design of the footrest makes it take up less space, suitable for most scenarios like bedroom, office, dormitory, etc.

2.Music series: chairs in this series have two Bluetooth speakers on both sides of the chair backrest, you can easily connect them to your smart phone, your PC and other devices. Imagine connecting the speakers to your computer when playing games, what an immersive gaming experience! Or you can also use it to play music, whatever you like! What about the cons? It is just peripheral auxiliary equipment, the acoustic fidelity may not be as good as professional audio equipment, but it is absolutely enough for our daily use. What to notice is that there are two types of music model: one with a footrest, while another without. If you would like to have a better rest and take a nap whenever you want, our GT890MF model could be your best choice.

3.ACE series: this is the upgraded version of the classic one. Except for the basic functions as we already mentioned before. ACE series uses premium breathable leather to cover the whole chair, 4D Armrest and adjustable seat height can satisfy different customer needs, thick padded backrest and seat cushion made of high density foam, bring you an unprecedented comfy experience. The only shortcoming is that the current ACE series come with no footrest, but we are considering upgrading this small problem as soon as possible, let’s stay tuned!

GTRacing gaming chairs have excellent performance among peer competitors of the same price. We have various color and model options for people of all generations, and you can enjoy most functions in one chair at such an affordable price. You can hardly find a better brand than GTRacing for the same price. In general, we are confident that our gaming chairs will be definitely worth purchasing, it’s an investment to buy yourself or your family a comfy chair, and $100+ is definitely not a big sum.