Nowadays, video games have become a culture and somewhat kind of a routine. We've already seen they have evolved rapidly in the last half-century and the trend is growing with time. The current generation of gaming includes fast processing units, high-end graphics, improved user engagement, and better gameplay. With improved technologies in the world of VR and AR, the sky is the limit! So, want to know the Gaming Industry Trends in 2019 -2020? In this post, you can learn 10 Gaming Industry Trends that truly deserve your attention.

Gaming Industry Trends


Trend 1. Mobile gaming plays a crucial part

Trend 2. Cloud Games is growing rapidly

Trend 3. The growth of Gaming laptop market

Trend 4. More Creative VR & AR Games

Trend 5. Still filled with Adventure & Shooter Games

Trend 6. The Rise of Browser Games

Trend 7. Single Player Games will be popular

Trend 8. More Adults Involved in Gaming

Trend 9. Smarter Controllers

Trend 10. Streaming has increased in popularity


10 Gaming Industry Trends to be aware of

1. Mobile gaming plays a crucial part

Mobile gaming

Smartphones are far more ubiquitous and necessary than dedicated mobile handheld gaming devices as they can be considered the 'Swiss pocket knives' of the technology industry. Smartphones serve a number of functions, a major one being gaming and entertainment. It isn't surprising that mobile gaming already accounts for more than 75% of total app revenues. By the end of 2019, mobile games will produce the lion's share of revenue for the digital gaming market.

In China, mobile gaming already plays a crucial part in the digital gaming area. It will compose almost two-thirds of revenues for the Chinese digital gaming market by 2022. More than 50% of mobile internet users in China play games on mobile devices, amounting to over 400 million users. Tencent encompasses more than half of the online gaming market in China, towering over competitors such as Netease. Apart from this, other top markets such as the USA and the UK are also experiencing continued growth in digital gaming.

2. Cloud Games is growing rapidly

Cloud Games

A cloud game is a game on a company server rather than a gamer's computer or device. Gamers start the game by installing a client program that can access the server on which the game is running, and the company can upgrade their games without having to worry about the functionality of the computer. Console developers are expected to focus their efforts on console enhancements to improve user's gaming experience in the cloud so that gaming consoles will dominate the Global Cloud Games Market.

The already present cloud technologies like SaaS, BaaS, and now GaaS has introduced new methodologies that will become a mainstream phenomenon for the audience. Industry giants like Amazon, Tencent, Google, and Microsoft are already opening their own data centers, through which the games will run virtually as a non-enterprise application.

3. The growth of Gaming laptop market

Gaming laptop market

The global gaming laptop market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 22% during the forecast period 2018-2023. VR provides a simulated environment through the combination of VR hardware and software which offers a life-like experience to users. NVIDIA is one company that has done more than most others to promote the concept of virtual reality gaming. NVIDIA provides solutions for virtual reality and serves its customer needs adequately with a diverse and complete product portfolio in its arsenal.

The increasing adoption of the internet has led to the development and commercialization of gaming. Other factors such as gaming laptops are portable personal computers that are designed to play video games as an alternative to gaming consoles. They are mainly purchased by users who are game enthusiasts and are either hardcore gamers or professional gamers.

4. More Creative VR & AR Games

Creative VR & AR Games

With the debut of mass-market AR/VR game viewer accessories such as Google Cardboard along with massive amounts of R&D and venture funding being pumped into AR and VR hardware and software, it is quite obvious that gamers will be hooked onto more AR/VR games within a few years.

Samsung Electronics has entered the field of virtual reality with the launch of its Gear VR VR headset, based on Oculus technology. The big players in the industry (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and others) are expected to release new products, with improved features, and a stronger focus on quality and portability. As a result, we will no longer be hooked up to our PCs while exploring virtual worlds!

And with better VR technology, we could expect better and more creative games! In 2019, games in VR steer away from male-dominated worlds (military first-person shooters) and move into more exciting areas that allow players to explore and use their own creative style. Furthermore, graphics card producers are promising an increase in quality that will take virtual worlds and augmented reality to a new level.

5. Still filled with Adventure & Shooter Games

Adventure & Shooter Games

As we know, games like League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, and World of Warcraft is popular, since they are strongly connected with high-quality storytelling. What's more, they bring the open world concept and offer players the possibility to explore and just wander around, looking for quests. Some games Overwatch and Fortnite made first-person shooter games more enjoyable to female players. Now developers expect these gamers to maintain their position as players' favorite and it is expected that 2019 -2020 will be just as filled with cool adventure and shooter games, just as 2018!

6. The Rise of Browser Games

Browser Games

Speaking of browser games, many people think that they are only used to kill time. Not so, in fact, browser games breach the platform barrier. Games we play in browser got better because of new third-party apps and technologies and gamers could sync game progress with different devices. For example, the popular game 'Five Nights at Freddy's' was remade for the VR world by fans. It only covers two nights before Halloween, but the trend is still holding strong. popular browser games (such as Krunker) ?? remade for the VR world! Thus, people got more and more interested in playing games on their browser that doesn't demand a lot of resources.

7. Single Player Games will be popular

Single Player Games

Though multiplayer games are still fun, your role is well-established when you are part of a team, and you rely on other team members to take care of the tasks that don't come as easy to you. While a single-player game keeps you more focused and allows you to work on a wider range of skills. In addition, there is something incredibly satisfying in saving the world (or the universe) all by yourself when playing single-player ones.

In this case, many gamers will tend to choose the single-player style. Games like God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 took the market by storm and proved there are many players who enjoy a solo adventure from time to time. As for this trend, I think the amazing single-player platforms will come from behind this year!

8. More Adults Involved in Gaming

Adults Involved in Gaming

Once upon a time only kids and teenagers will play video games, but now, those horrid days are gone. Video games are an option for adults to play as a way to unwind. According to recent reports, the average age of male players is 33 and the average age of female players is 37. Besides that, we saw an increase in the number of women involved in video games in the last few years. Therefore, specialists hope to see more adults (of both genders) exploring the amazing industry.

9. Smarter Controllers

Smarter Controllers

We have lots of things to be excited about, including the regular game controllers! In 2019, game controllers are expected to take bigger steps towards improvement. For instance, they are becoming smarter to translate in-game sensations in the real world. When you hit a wall, you feel a strong vibration in the controller, which is different from the vibration you feel at the beginning of the game. New games and associated controllers are expected to come with smarter ways to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real worlds.

10. Streaming has increased in popularity

Streaming service

Lately, Esports has become a large entity in the gaming industry. Some of the popular Esports titles are League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six-Siege, and many more. The matches in Esports are viewed by millions of people using services like Twitch for Alphabet. Streaming service gets more popular, due to gamers who stream live sessions and esport events.

Gamers love to watch their favorite personalities play a game such as FIFA Interactive World Cup, GSL, Dreamhack, and League of Legends World championship, etc. in a unique and fun manner, and they will watch for hours at a time! Beyond that, there are various important local and international events in 2019 - 2020, such as Call of Duty World League Championship, Overwatch League Championship, and more. Game streaming will continue to be increased in popularity, as a big part of our lives.


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