GTRACING, as a leading brand of gaming chairs, is just like GT, the gentle tiger, engineered to support you in the perfect playing position, encourage you in gaming sessions, and comfort you when sitting for hours. It elevates the competition with the advanced ergonomics to protect your Back, Neck, Waist, epic design at an unbeatable value to help you stand out and high 300 LB Weight Capacity even for big gamers.

Brief History of GTRACING

Important events on GTRACING development

2001 - Established The Factory

Do you know the Djinn chairs? Whose jaw could fail to drop the first time you set eyes on those playful yet functional red chairs as Dr. Floyd enters the Hilton lobby of Space Station Five on his way to the moon in 2001 A Space Odyssey? Designed by Olivier Mourgue in 1965 whilst working for French manufacturer Airborne International, The Djinn chairs embody 60s futuristic design. With their wave-like, low slung silhouette, they were selected by Kubrick and his team but these particular chairs were not specifically designed for the film.

Djinn chairs

The 1960s and 2001 in particular defined that now retro vision of the future I don't think we'll ever be able to escape. In this situation, our factory was established in Shucheng, Anhui Province, aiming to provide users innovative furniture.

2005 - The Company is founded

In 2005, the company officially registered as Shucheng Chunqiu Crafts Co., Ltd. in Anhui, and the sales office was established in Shanghai.

2008 - The new factory is built

In 2008, in order to meet the growing demand of the market, a new factory of 5,000 square meters was built.

2011 - The Wudi Industry branch company was established

Start from 2011, we are addicted to World of Warcraft and the competitive arena, just like other gamer. But we completely understand it is a necessary thing to fight those back and neck pains that are bound to arise after long sessions. One of the best solutions for this is a height-adjustable gaming chair.

Wudi Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai. We began manufacturing with the goal of becoming a leading supplier for affordable gaming furniture and accessories with the highest quality. From then, we devoted to team collaboration, brand strategy, product R&D to be the big savior of those sedentary gamers.

2013 - Debute in the market with office chair

In 2013, Wudi Industrial applied for the new furniture trademark certificate. It began to sell office chairs with GTRACING brand in the domestic market. At the same time, our factory has expanded to 10,000 square meters.

2015 - Capture U.S. market and Expand product line

In 2015, when ergonomic gaming chairs came out, we found the consensus in competitive gaming and streams was that the products on the market are either poor quality or way too expensive. So we began researching, kept strict quality control and employed talented designers with brilliant concepts to complete the gamer's battle stations or workplace. After a year of testing, prototypes, and planning, we were satisfied with our first improved racing-style gaming chair and soon entered the US retail market.

2016 - Made great leaps in Canada and Japan

At the end of 2016, as a successful traditional trading company, GTRacing started to transform into a cross-border e-commerce enterprise. GTRACING launched overseas warehouse in the United States, Japan, etc. and developed Canada and Japan markets.

2018 - Enter into European market vigorously

In 2018, we built overseas companies in Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, etc. and launched an overseas warehouses in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and other countries. It has become an industry leader in many markets and achieved more than 2.5 times the annual turnover last year.

2019 - Still fighting to expand product lines

In 2019, as modern furniture is overwhelming in our life, the improvement of your health, fitness level, and mood states are more important than ever. We share this concern with you, and that's why we are paying so much attention to the manufacturing of innovative gaming products. No matter you are students, office workers, freelancers, you could benefit from us. We release every GTRacing product after intense research, and we will keep expanding our product line and improving the performance of every product. <Know more stories about GTRACING>

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What we have been insisting

What we have been insisting

Our Mission

We're a group of young people who have much enthusiasm for video gaming solutions. GTRACING has always ruled for customer satisfaction and loyalty. We aim to provide more than 2 million great users with racing-style gaming chairs and devote ourselves to offering our customers the ultimate option to better their sitting experience.

  • With ergonomic design, the chair will help you maintain a healthy posture and prevent you from "sitting disease".
  • With comfortable sitting, no pain, you will enjoy good play and enhanced overall performance because of good concentration.

We Are Focused on

From the very beginning of GTRACING, we have produced various kinds of gaming accessories. We keep improving our design and performance, aiming to provide you the best solution to defeat discomfort. We promise to keep the high quality, giving you a wonderful sitting experience. Of course, we are not just a furniture company, we share valuable knowledge to teach anyone how to game like a pro through video channels and partnerships in the community.

Thank you for taking the time to read our history. Join us on this journey at Facebook and grow with the esports industry! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.