Review on GT901 Black Footrest Series Gaming Chair: Design, comfort, durability, features, details, reviews online, etc.

Looking for something to take your game to the next level? We've got you covered! GT901 Black is exactly what you are looking for!

As you can imagine, sitting on a rubbish chair, or even the ground, while you are engrossed in a video game is a sure way to ruin your back. To ensure that you won't have chronic back problems in the future, the first thing you should do is to pick a top-quality office gaming chair! GT901-black footrest series gaming chair is specially made to be used during long gaming hours (7h or more). It will give you the comfort you desire, protect your back and offer a solid quality for long-term use.

GT901 Gaming Chair Review

So, what GT901 Black can do for gamers? How is feeling when sitting on? Whether it is the right gaming seat you are looking for? Is the chair worth buying or not? Check the GT901 Black chair review below, and you will get the answers.


Pick a long-term Gaming Seat

When you upgrade your gaming setup, how much priority does your gaming chair get? An appropriate gaming chair like this GT901-black would boost your gaming experience by multitudes and also soothe your back when you put in extended hours into gaming.

GT901-black Review - An In-depth Exploration of GTRACING Footrest Series Gaming Chair

Part I: Design

Part II: Comfort

Part III: Durability

Part IV: Features

Part V: Online Reviews


A perfect gaming chair needs to be ergonomically efficient. This GTRACING GT901-black chair is inspired by racing car seats. It has a high back and thick padded seats to offer long-term support. It is in all-black style using neutral/dark color, which is similar as GTBEE to match your understated dream office, gaming setup or battle station. The cool design on the backrest is appealing to the gamer audience.

GT901-black Design

In addition, we stitch the logo by hand into the leather. We pay a great deal of attention to detail when coming up with the design and we are proud of the craftsmanship. The overall design of the chair is spectacular and refined with a sleek and smooth finish that feels luxurious to the touch.


The best gaming chair has to be comfortable. There is little point in a chair being healthy for your body if it is a nightmare to sit on.

GT901-black Comfort

GTRACING GT901-black chair is amazingly comfortable to sit on and feels very soft. Your tailbone won't be sore after hours of sitting or gaming because of the ergonomic design to help promote a comfortable seated position. The thick padded seat will give you support where you need it for extended game playing or work. Two free lumbar and head pillows are included in the package to help promote proper spine alignment and relieve stress from pressure points. Made from memory foam, the head, lumbar, and seat cushions reshape into their original form when you stand up.

Pulling out the spacious footrest is a super cool addition when you want to watch some Netflix and relax.


Durability also matters. Would you rather spend more money now in exchange for not having to buy another chair for many years? If a chair is made from high-quality materials, it will hold up for years that it will inevitably be used for.

GT901-black Durability

GT901-black footrest series chair is made with the highest quality materials on the market today. Even when taking the functional tilt mechanism into consideration, the metal used in its fabrication is 100% Grade A quality. It is certified for strength & durability according to ANSI/BIFMA and ISO standards, where they are subjected to over 20 strength, durability, and functional tests.

As for the surface, you won't find a single badly made or frayed seam and the bonded leather shows quality just by touching it. The seatback feels strong as well. It is equipped with heavy-duty 5-star base which supports up to 300 pounds and nylon smooth-rolling casters for great stability and mobility. The Gas Lift is best in the class in durability, stability, and safety.

This chair also has a one-year warranty included with the purchase, so if anything goes wrong you won't have to worry about it within a year. You can also have free replacement for damaged or defective parts within 30 days.


Another great thing that GT901-black footrest series chair has is its flexible functions that are vital for a gamer and computer enthusiast.

Firstly, the chair will come perfectly packed, it is a very large box and the pieces are protected so that they do not have any bumps or marks when they reach us. The assembly will take only 10-15 minutes in total. It has very clear instructions and is just tightening screws, it has no loss.

Then, the chair offers head and lumbar pillows for adjustable support. The chair itself can be adjusted in height with the tilt under it. The armrests can be customized up and down. The backrest can be reclined so that you can take a nap directly in the chair. A tilt-tension knob underneath the seat makes it possible to adjust the tilt angle. Pull out the paddle to enable tilt function, push in to lock in position. The tension spring allows for firm or relaxed rocking.

Height Adjustment

Customize Armrest

Recline Backrest

Adjust the tilt angle

What's more, the 360-degree swivel and multi-direction wheels can move smoothly and quietly on the floor or carpet.


  • 90~170°reclining
  • Retractable Footrest
  • Up & down Adjustable Armrest
  • Material: bonded leather
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Dimensions:20.47"(L) x 21.26"(W) x 48.8"-52"(H)
  • Seat Height: 18.1"- 22"
  • Item Weight: 56.2 pounds

Online Reviews

This GT901-black footrest series chair has received many rave reviews on the official website and Amazon.

Let's See What Reviews are Made by Users

Online Reviews

We quote some authentic GTRACING GT901 black reviews from users for your reference.

1. User reviews about assembly -- "Was very easy to assemble, and everything was wrapped so nothing was damaged or scratched. Very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time."

2. User reviews about footrest -- "I have back pain and when I sit on it my back immediately feels better. I love the feature that you can recline in and bring out a footrest as well. Amazing buy and would recommend."

3. User reviews about comfort -- "I've had many office chairs and get uncomfortable after about 60 hours of sitting. However, this chair has very nice padding, like sitting in a nice leather car seat. The padding goes down but comes back up after about 1 hr. Model GT901 is by far the most comfortable in my opinion."

And here is a GT901 unboxing and product review video:


Final thoughts…

Here's where the GT901-black gaming chair stands out from the rest. And most gaming chairs which come with a hefty price tag, are designed to address the possible health risks associated with frequent gaming, prompting gamers to ignore buying one and exposing themselves to severe spinal damage risks in the process. While $165.99 for GT901-black is affordable. And it is worthy to make investment in this chair, as it has everything you'd want in a long-term chair.

Shop at our store to review GT901 black by yourself. Besides the footrest series, GTRACING has chairs for every type of person. Whether you are just an out and out gamer, someone who lives and breathes online via social media, or else someone like me who works and plays via consoles and laptop, GTRACING will provide a chair best suits your need!

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Hurry to put your ultimate gaming thrones on shopping list

At a glance, GT901-black could be your long-term chair. It is designed especially for the comfort of video game players or office workers. A normal office chair may not offer the same features and comfort for long hours. So, if you sit for a long time every day and you are looking for an improvement to the most important part of your desk setup, this GT901-Black gaming chair would be a good addition.

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