Every shopping season GTRACING rolls out genuinely good bargains for its top-selling products, without gimmick. How about this Black Friday 2019? Absolutely without doubt! Especially this year's Black Friday is a holiday for gamers, which will mark the last holiday shopping season before the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett arrive in 2020.

As a result, GTRACING unveils Black Friday Offer with up to $174 saving on top-rated gaming chairs as well as "buy one, get another at 20% off" promotion for 2019 Black Friday to match your newest gaming gear like PS4, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, etc.. This doorbuster deal, also for Cyber Monday, is a great attraction for people worldwide, especially for those in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada.

Black Friday Deals


Part I: What can we get at Black Friday deals

Part II: Pricing and Availability


What can we get at Black Friday deals

"Black Friday is the best time to look for bargains. But we'd like to offer something better than bargains in 2019. We promise that there's no 'hunger marketing' and no deficiencies in the discounted item. On-sale products of this Black Friday deal possess the same features and after-sale services with the regular-priced items," said Iris, Marketing Manager of GTRACING. "If you're considering getting a new gaming chair and desk, now's the best time to shop."

More about GTRACING's 2019 Black Friday Deal

This time, GTRACING picked out its knock-out products and offered an incredible discount including:

  • GT099-RED Pro series chair at 35% OFF
  • GTBEE-BLACK Pro series chair at 30% OFF
  • GT901-BLACK Footrest series chair at 50% OFF
  • GT890M-BLUE Music series chair at 40% OFF
  • GTZ01-BLACK Gaming Desk at 45% OFF


Black Friday coupon codes

Anyone can save big on an individual item with the Black Friday coupon "GT10".

Or get Black Friday Special Pack, a mix of the two products for your family with Black Friday promo code "GT20".

This deal saves customers up to an incredible $174 off the original price. Don't wait anymore! The lowest price for one gaming chair can be only $119!

Features and Technologies that Make GTRACING Outstanding

GTRACING aimed at both casual and professional gamers. Here we choose 3 classical models, pro series, music series, and luxury series to take as an example.

1. GT002-BLUE ($60 OFF)


Budget-friendly Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a standard chair with no audio compatibility (in cases when you have a good surround system with your TV or if you have excellent quality headphones), you should go for this Ergonomic Racing Chair - GT002-Blue. This chair gives you comfort, durability and the best value for money. And it will be the perfect fit for gaming or working in an office.

<Weight Capacity: 330lbs>


The chair's styling is reminiscent of a sports car, with sculpted panels and a rich contrasting, two-tone colored upholstery. And the blue one is natural and it is this year's most popular gaming chair. As we know, playing games is entertaining, however, entertainment can sometimes be unproductive and harmful. Posture changes are also not uncommon in children and adults who consume long hours on games. To address such factors, this gaming style chair from GTRACING designed ergonomic seats offering maximum comfort to the neck and back.

And this deep discount on our mainstay gaming chair is a great bargain. If you don't fancy the blue and black look, there are other colors you can choose from like white and black, purple and black at relatively similar costs.

2. GT890MF-RED ($164 OFF)

Mid-Range Gaming Chair

Gaming is all about immersion. If you have a surround sound system, it could bring decent immersion. But there is no better experience than the sound that you can feel. If money isn't an issue, and you just want the best Bluetooth gaming chair to suit your particular needs, take a look at this GT890MF-Red, which combines Bluetooth speaker as a bonus. This is a sturdy racing-style chair that comes with an additional, retractable footrest. It's offering incredible value.

<Weight Capacity: 350lbs>

People who both game and work from home will appreciate the ability to "take your music with you" as you wheel around the room. GT890MF-Red has the patented Bluetooth technology for its sound system. Connect to smartphones and tablets easily and use it to deliver refined and excellent sound. Don't spend a lot on a separate surround system with more power usage. This built-in Bluetooth speakers at the back of the chair will be more practical.

And if you need a gaming chair that will serve as a desk/office chair, kitchen seat, and napping spot, opt for one with footrest which provides better support and comfort! The is a must-have when you can have a nap on it or watch some movies from your phone or tablet!

In one word, the build quality and comfort of GT890MF-Red make it a very appealing choice if you're looking for a multi-purpose gaming chair.

3. GTX010 ($114 OFF)

Premium Gaming Chair

If you are a discerning and series gamer, with finer tastes and deeper wallets, this GTX010 will be your best option. It is only an office-style gaming chair that offers experience in the first place. Besides, GTRACING also offers other luxury series flagship chair, packed with the best of our design know-how and amenities.

<Weight Capacity: 400lbs>

GTX010 is almost completely black, with gold thread of pattern on the backrest. The seat and back feature quilted stitching, which gives the chair a somewhat classier look than more colorful and streamlined gaming chairs. GTX010 is a very strong contender for its solid, attractive design, but you may choose it for its superior materials and build quality. As a king of comfort, GTX010 is a luxury chair from GTRACING that uses a 3-layer support: the elegant exterior is covered in thick PU leather, while inside is cold foam and hidden steel frame. The cold molding foam throughout the inside of the chair and memory foam in the headrest & lumbar pillow will give you exceptional support and cushioning.

Rounding out the package are 4D armrests, a maximum reclining angle of 170°, a swiveling wheeled base for exceptionally comfortable gaming. The contoured wide backrest is also an important part, offering comfort and ergonomic support to keep your back healthy and painless. In the 2019 model, GTRACING uses the newest generation mechanism that is claimed to be optimized for long-term durability.

Of course, there are many more excellent chair options out there at GTRACING Black Friday Promotion Page, with exciting and innovative new options released on an increasingly frequent basis. Inventory is getting low. Hurry to get your high-quality chair that best suits your needs!

Pricing and Availability

GTRACING coupon codes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be used for all orders sitewide. For example, a 50% discount on the most valuable GT890MF-RED will save users $164 and you can use additional $10 coupon. It is available to use via GTRACING Black Friday Sales 2019 page.

As always, a 1-year warranty, customer support, online message, and 30-day money-back guarantee are supported. If you are looking for an ideal and affordable gaming chair or desk, do seize the opportunity for saving! The offer begins on November 12 and will run throughout Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday.


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