Whether the temperature or other factors have you staying indoors, all is not lost. When it comes to keeping kids occupied and stimulating their brain cells, there’s a lot you can do inside. Here’s how you can entertain and educate your children without leaving home.


Get Set Up with the Right Gear

Learning and exploring at home can’t happen without the right equipment. Everything from fast internet to a capable computer should be on the list.

If you’re new to streaming from home, consider running an internet speed check. You may already know your internet is slow if videos often cut out, for example. In general, you need about 5 Mbps to stream videos, notes Consumer Reports. However, you should also consider how many devices will be sharing the connection at a time and whether the tool or program you’re using recommends a faster speed for certain functions. If several of you tend to be online at the same time, especially if you’re working, it’s wise to switch to the fastest speed available to ensure no lag times or dropped calls.

Online Learning

If you're homeschooling your child, online resources, guides, and courses can improve your homeschool teaching skills and improve your child's college readiness. Interactive classes are also a big hit with kids of all ages; platforms like Outschool, for example, cater to kids’ interests year-round.

Take a Virtual Adventure

You can find a range of virtual activities the whole family can enjoy. Fortunately, tons of online activities are free, ranging from zoo tours to online concerts. Even if you can’t get out and explore state parks or museums across the country, technology makes it possible to learn and enjoy.

Create Special Family Time

Maintaining some semblance of stay-at-home structure is necessary, whether it’s due to a lockdown scenario or too-cold winter temperatures giving everyone the blahs. And while regular habits are a good idea, so are occasional treats that kids can learn to look forward to.

With everyone at home, you can orchestrate a special family movie night, read aloud, or anything else your children are interested in. Find ways to maximize family time (by cutting down on other responsibilities) and schedule an activity for everyone. You could cook a meal together or even let each family member select an activity on a rotating schedule. Whether you choose something old-school or a new favorite, board games are often a big hit, too.

Bring Old-School Games Back to Life

Many kids today have never heard of the games their parents and grandparents used to play. You can use your time indoors to introduce your children to old-fashioned games like charades, jacks, marbles, or even the ins and outs of creating a puppet show. You can even turn to crafts, like making homemade play-dough or painting rocks.

Try Something New with STEM

Kids know all about STEM, because the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are all around them. For parents, breaking out some fun STEM activities might be just what you need to keep kids engaged at home.

With household materials, you and your children can take on engineering challenges, learn to code, build math skills, and more. The best thing about STEM is that it feels like play rather than dedicated educational hours, which kids love and parents appreciate.

Finding new ways to entertain your kids and ensure that they’re learning can be tough. But with the right equipment and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can avoid boredom and get some teaching moments in, too. The best part is that you don’t need to leave home to make it happen.

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Article via Natalie Jones