According to statistics, out of the over 150 million Americans who play video games, only serious gamers realize that every part of the gaming experience is important. Gaming chairs are the base of your activity when sitting. Chairs, we play games in them, work in them, shop in them, eat in them and date in them. Getting the right gaming chair is as important as getting the right console to play on. Well, what makes a perfect gaming chair? Let's demystify the ins and outs of the perfect gaming chair at a time.

Gaming Chair Factors

Part I: Why gamers need a video gaming chair

Part II: What is a perfect gaming chair - 9 key factors

Part III: Conclusion- Which gaming chair should I choose

Part I: Why gamers need a video gaming chair

why video gaming chair

We understand that when you spend many hours sitting down and playing your favorite game, the last thing to be is uncomfortable. And the video gaming chair is a solution to that problem. A great gaming chair is able to support your body as you play and make the difference in those final minutes before achieving your goal. On the other hand, a bad gaming chair which can't support for your back, legs, and rear will not only limit your abilities when you need them most but also result in your aches and pains that just won't go away. This can even turn into long term chronic pain when you're older.

Thus, what you sit really matters! If you're going to spend $500 to $1000 on your machine, even $100 on an ergonomic keyboard, why spend only $50 on your chair? Investing money on sitting makes sense as this is about your back and health, let alone a perfect gaming chair often has a longer life than your console or gaming rig.

Part II: What is a perfect gaming chair - 9 key factors

What is a perfect gaming chair

There is no hardcore gamer that hasn't switched yet to a perfect gaming chair. Compared to a regular chair, a good gaming chair is a special computer chair that is more comfortable and more versatile. A well-built gaming chair may have stable metal structure, sturdy recline system and built-in gizmos like integrated control panels, speakers, Bluetooth or many other features.

Most importantly, perfect gaming chairs are ergonomically designed with the idea to be a healthy office or gaming chairs. Through providing adequate lumbar and neck support, the video gaming chairs ensure avoiding muscle and joint strain after sitting for long periods of time. So, gamers could sit comfortably for hours and focus more as they work and play.



Perfect gaming chair for extended hours on gaming

Games are immersive and consuming now. You'll generally be sat down for more than a few hours to complete it. Choosing a comfortable gaming chair for a healthy sitting posture is most important.

GTRACING was founded with the goal of producing premium pc gaming chairs that are extremely comfortable for extended periods of time at a price you can afford.

9 key factors to look for in Perfect Gaming Chairs

Many big-name brands have started producing pretty stylish and effective gaming chairs for those who love to play. Choosing the right gaming chair for you comes down to looking at traits across different kinds of gaming chairs. Here we will get you covered, list the important factors to consider, and do our best to help you make the right choice.

1. Purpose Built

Purpose Built

Before purchasing, you have to make sure you pick a chair designed specifically for what you intend to do while sitting in it.

For casual console gamers, you use whatever you have. A sofa is usually the default choice, and with light to moderate game time, this isn't usually a problem. co-op gaming on the sofa. Sofa seating is great for casual gaming, but usually means you are low down with your head tilted upwards, causing neck and back strain.

For PC gaming, chairs should be height adjustable, have castors for movement across the floor, armrests, and lumbar support. Ideally, they should encourage as much movement as possible to combat the effects of sedentary behavior.

If console gaming, let you communicate visually with other people you are playing with. If you are using more unusual accessories such as a steering wheel or joystick, you might want some additional movement and flexibility in your chair. While a PC gamer may need a variation of a desk chair, a console gamer is more likely to need a chair that can sit on the floor since they tend to play on TVs rather than monitors, since PC chairs aren't designed to be parked in front of your TV for long periods. However, you should expect the same basic features as one another so far as support and comfort go.

2. Comfort & Ergonomics

The Ergonomics

There are a lot of gaming chairs on the market, which come with all sorts of accessories such as built-in speakers, cup holders, and controller holsters, but a lot of them don't provide for your basic ergonomic needs. A lot of the seats modeled on sports car seats may feel comfortable, but they are incredibly sedentary and immobile. Some of the 'lazy-boy' style seats are equally comfortable and pleasing on the eye, but prolonged use can cause neck and back strain.

So, it is important to know what your body needs before making your decision. Whether you are a desktop or console player, there are certain things a gaming chair must be able to do to stop you from developing serious health issues that can have effects long into your future. Good gaming chairs can help you avoid the world of chiropractors and physical therapists.

As we know, there is a huge amount of data and research on the relationship between sitting and health. Therefore, gaming chairs should have ergonomic designs to encourage healthy posture and protect necks, shoulders, wrists, and backs from a long day of sitting, especially for PC gaming, including

  • Tilting and locking features that allow for a customized sitting position.
  • The soft armrests add support for both the wrists and shoulders.
  • A comfortable bucket seat to keep you comfortable through hours of gaming.
  • Thick cushions with high-density memory foam offset stress from joints and muscles, improving circulation for long sessions.
  • The sponge in the backrest adds extra comfort and molding to your back while you sit.
  • Head pillows to rest your head as you play and reclining backs let you relax whenever you need.
  • Additional padding for Neck and Lumbar support takes pressure from the neck and lumbar area to relieve the spine.
  • Supporting elements for the neck and back may counteract a crooked sitting posture thus avoiding consequential back problems.

2. Price


Gaming chairs are meant to be used quite a bit. That means your chair should make your long term experience as good as possible. You get what you pay for. The price of a gaming chair determines comfort and quality. You don't have to buy a piece of junk, even if you need to make every dollar count. But the best chairs don't have to be the most expensive.

For Mid-Range chairs in the range of $100 to $200, most customers are happy with their purchase. If you are on a stricter budget, from this price range, you could find the best value gaming chairs that are a great compromise between sitting comfort, quality workmanship, durable materials, and your budget.

Of course, if you are serious about getting a premium gaming chair and decide you have enough, you could also look to spend around 300 to 400 dollars to creates a WOW effect when you sit down in it.

Or if you need a luxury gaming chair with around one thousand dollars, you will get a higher-end chair with high-quality mesh seat and numerous adjustability options.

But still, you don't have to invest in the most expensive chairs. It's possible to get a quality gaming chair for less than 200 dollars. There are plenty of lower-end options that promote healthy posture and decent comfort, so don't worry if your budget isn't massive, your neck and back don't have to suffer.

3. Style


The first thing you look at in a gaming chair is what it looks like. Even if you don't use it often, not many people want to own something they think is ugly. As a matter of fact, where office chairs regularly fall behind traditional gaming chairs is the style factor - they just don't look good. Bland colors, lack of customization and lack of visibility in the gaming world.

While the racing style gaming chair alternatives are more appealing. Purpose-built gaming chairs are marketed specifically to gamers and even used by eSports teams, therefore they have the appropriate styling. Most brands have literally hundreds of designs available for you to peruse through.

If you have a favorite color in mind, there's a good chance that you can find the exact one you want. Look for racing-style gaming chairs with accent colors that match your personality and coordinate with your office or home decor as well. For instance, Black leather gaming chairs provide a low-key statement for an executive or private office.

4. Usability


Not every chair is right for every person or every office setting. Taller gamers may want to opt for a high-back gaming chair to make sure you have enough support for your whole body. Fat people need to choose ones with the wider seat and back. And Footrest series gaming chairs will be more comfortable and make it easier to get up. Chair specs often specifically list the exact measurements and ideal body weight so big and tall players select the perfect fit. For example, GTRACING model is able to withstand up to 300 pounds but has a recommended weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Besides, size is a no-brainer when it comes to picking the gaming chair. Your chair will be a part of your room, and you should want it to fit in. If it fits, great! If you can't even get it into your room, you'll need to send it back. To be sure, take out a tape measurer and determine the dimensions of the space that you will put your chair in.

5. Material


The cover material used for gaming chairs may be genuine leather, artificial leather, fabric cover or mesh fabric. Each having its pros and cons.

  • Genuine leather is a high-quality, breathable, waterproof, very durable cover, it is also the most expensive.
  • Artificial leather is much cheaper than real leather, often also of good quality. It is easy to take care of. However, on hot days it may be uncomfortable to sit on, due to sweat. PU is not as durable or breathable as genuine leather, but it does have the advantage of being a more breathable material than PVC.
  • PVC leather is softer and more flexible. PVC leather is a water-, fire-, and stain-resistant material, which makes it popular for a myriad of commercial applications.
  • Fabric and mesh covers are very breathable, you hardly sweat and don't stick to it even on hot days. Mesh offers cooling beyond even what fabric can deliver. It's more difficult to clean than leather, usually requiring a specialized cleaner for removing stains without risk of damaging the delicate mesh, and typically less durable long-term, but it holds its own as an exceptionally cool and comfortable chair material.

6. Durability


Durability is another important factor to consider. Even if you're super gentle to your furniture, do you have pets or kids that aren't? Is it made or particleboard and cheap plastics or does it have a steel frame with more durable plastics? To be considered the best gaming chair, it should last for a while even with regular use. Offering a fantastic amount of stability is especially important in a chair that moves.

A $50 chair might look nice on the preview image but after a few months' use, the cracks begin to show. Spending a little extra can make all the difference and in the long run might save you money, if you don't have to make a second purchase years later. If possible, look out for warranties guarantee, then you will know you are getting your money worth and your investment is safeguarded for the future.

Here are the key features of a gaming chair which could last a long time:

  • The nylon base with a star-shaped design to be a strong foundation.
  • Metal frame inside to offer you support and keep its shape. Metal frames are much heavier than plastics.
  • Durable casters ensure you'll be enjoying your chair for years.
  • The cover on the seat is made to handle a lot without tearing or cracking.

7. Flexible Adjustment


Comfort can be different for everyone. Chairs are not one size fits all. That's why finding a gaming chair that is highly adjustable is important. This can be done through height adjustments, reclining mechanisms, a tilt lock, an optional footrest, or other features that would change the seat to fit different preferences. Especially, the best console gaming chairs tend to feature an optional recline, even if they can't offer height adjustments or armrests.

If you plan to spend a long time at your chair, please check if these features are included in your gaming chair to allow maximum comfort:

a. Adjustable seat height

You should adjust the height of the gaming chair so this angle is exactly 90 degrees to provide a healthy good sitting posture. And the height can be adjusted thanks to a pneumatic gas lift.

b. Adjustable Armrests

Armrests should not only be height adjustable but also their angle and back and forward position should be variable. Then you could position your arms in a desirable position to optimize your gameplay. Adjustable armrests can also promote relaxation during breaks from gaming or work.

c. Backrest angle tilt adjustment

Though adjusting the angle of the backrest, tilting it backward in relation to the seat, and be locked if necessary, the chair will reduce strain on lower back muscles and relaxes your lumbar area for the perfect gaming experience.

d. Reclining Backrest

The adjusting feature of the backrest also referred to as a reclining function, is available in some models to up to 170 degrees. It allows you relaxing the back or even a nap between gaming or working sessions. You could stretch out in between rounds without having to get up from your computer.

e. Rock back and forth

If you need a moment of rest, you could use the function by adjusting the knob beneath the seat. And the chair should be stable yet has some flexibility if you tend to rock back and forth in your chair.

f. Wheels and Swivel features

Most gaming or office chairs have wheels to swiftly move from one place to another, without having to get up. These wheels also called casters. Made of hard plastic, they can rotate 360 degrees and move smoothly across hardwood floors. With the right chair, you will be free to move around as you see fit.

To sum up, your gaming chair needs to be manipulated into any position, so you can play and feel comfortable.

8. Electronic features

Electronic features

This is possibly for high-end and mid-range gaming chairs, just like the music gaming chair. Chairs made for console gamers are also more likely to have these electronic features made available. These include any speakers, connectivity, Bluetooth capability, or any other features added not necessarily for comfort, but to help the player be further immersed in their gaming experience as well.

  • If you're playing a game by yourself, the best gaming chairs with speakers are a more worthwhile investment the more you expect them to do.
  • A massage chair that has consistent, tangible health benefits will inevitable cost thousands of dollars and won't remotely be built for gaming.

From cup holders to cubbyholes for your phone to rainbow LED lights, gaming chair manufactures will try almost anything to meet a particular demand. You have to consider the overall price of the chair and if the feature is worth to you.

9. Online Reviews

Online Reviews

Perusing reviews of gaming chairs online, you will find many negative comments, usually regarding poor build quality, or comfort issues, or lack of durability. These facts are especially important to look at when you're buying online since you won't be able to try the product out before purchase and a majority of these chairs are one-off purchases.

Part III. Conclusion- Which gaming chair should I choose

Which gaming chair should I choose

To conclude, above are the most important points you should be looking out for before purchasing a perfect gaming chair. It is not the price that is the main criteria for choosing the best gaming chair. A healthy comfortable sitting posture and gaming experience should be your main concern.

Look at your budget and choose the chair that is the best compromise between sitting comfort, quality workmanship, durable materials and benefit to your health. Of course, which one you should buy depends on your gaming preferences.



Finding the Right Gaming Chair Enhances Comfort and Performance

So far, GTRACING is what we regard as the perfect computer gaming chair, which redefines sitting comfort, support, and durability.

Perfect your PC gaming setup with a stylish and ergonomically enhanced gaming chair to decrease stress on necks, shoulders, wrists, and backs. If you choose to sit, or if you have to sit long hours at a computer make sure your sitting is as less damaging to your health as possible. Start to design a body-healthy and gamer-friendly environment in your living space!

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